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Our bodies contain more than 600 muscles which have the ability to move with the grace of a ballerina and the strength of  an Olympic power lifter.  The is a complex system which works profoundly efficiently in unison to help us achieve our daily responsibilities, our work and break records can give us much pain our discomfort if strained or injured.  As a massage therapist,  we see the interrelationship between the muscles and understand this is a whole body system, a system of checks and balances which will guard us keep our eyes on the horizon no matter how much they must tighten and torque or twist.  In one sense our natural balance is creating imbalance, returning tense muscles to a relaxed state increases blood flow, decreases stress on the body, improves flexibility, and increases strength.  Think of this analogy, your trying to get more blood into your muscles, would you want them tight and twisted like a towel being rung out or would you relax your grip and stretch out?  It seems three pairs of muscles lead to pain when they are tight they are the pterygoids, the psoas, and piriformis. Do you work on those tight muscles regularly to help keep yourself pain free?     

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